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How to issue a refund on a Clover

SelectOrdersAll right. Let’s take a look at how to issue a refund on the Clover. Select “Orders”

Step 1


From the Orders, Select which order you would like to issue a refund for, some orders may have several items, some orders may have just one.

Setp 2


Now, depending one whether you wish to provide a full refund or partial refund. Select one of the following:


IsueRefund Or Exchange
 If you select Exchange / Refund, you will be given the following screen to select which product to provide a refund for. If you had selected “Refund” it will provide a full refund for all items on order list.
Step 4
If you had issued a partial refund, then decided to refund the rest. You will see the following screen.
Step 5
Once you have issued the refund, you will see the following screen.
Step 6





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